Photos in this post are by my dad. Here’s Edith, Tim, me, and Chris. As you can see, I’m carrying my Tilted Duster instead of wearing it because it’s too hot! I should have brought my Luna Moth Shawl instead. I also didn’t manage to find the Ravelry gathering. I’m not sure if there was one on Sunday, but I did run into Necia wearing a Ravery pin.

Here’s Tim trying to avoid being photographed.

He does love carousels though!

And the little playhouse tunnel.

These were things that allowed me to do my shopping, though I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked, because Tim got tired and started to melt down, and we had to leave early. Better that I spend less money anyway!

Overall, it was worth it.



I was going to say “Rhinebeck haul,” but I didn’t really buy that much! Thank goodness for my cranky 3-year-old. First up is this gorgeous little walnut featherweight spindle I bought directly from the Bosworths. It weighs 0.46 oz and has a perfectly balanced spin.

Next is some really lovely and soft merino/angora (80/20) from Delly’s Delights Farm, an 8oz batt.

Lastly, some llama down from Lars of West Mountain Farm. He rubbed it on Edith’s (our au pair) cheek and said it’s a great way to meet girls, then called himself a dirty old man. What a character!

The photo cannot capture how soft this stuff is!


I admired this sweater when I first saw it but figured I probably wouldn’t make it, since I HATE seaming and have never knit anything requiring much of it (thank you EZ). Plus everyone else is doing it already! But then I visited a LYS where they had a sample, encouraged me to try it on, and I fell in LOVE! The fit was perfect and flattering, the yarn sooo soft, and I had to have it. Unfortunately that store didn’t have Peruvia, and I didn’t find any great substitutions. So I ordered yarn from Webs in the Moonstone colorway.

I finished it in time to wear to Rhinebeck, and I got a nice comment on it as soon as we got out of the car, but the day was way too hot to wear it! I ended up taking it off and carrying it around. I also shopped for buttons but didn’t find anything ideal. I was excited to get a comment on Ravelry from the designer, Norah Gaughan, saying she liked the chopstick. 🙂