I have knitting and Tim pictures to post, I really do!  But things keep getting in the way.  Very shortly after the good news of Spin-Off Magazine coming out, I developed what I thought was heartburn and didn’t think much of it.  I had eaten Jamaican jerk chicken for lunch, and tamales for dinner, and I’ve had transient heartburn occasionally, so I just went to bed for the night.  The next morning, the pain was constant, worsening, and taking Tums didn’t help at all, so I took my very first trip to the Emergency Room.  They did a bunch of blood tests and an ultrasound, which were all normal, diagnosed me with gastritis, and gave me anti-reflux and nausea medication, along with IV fluids.  After a few hours there the pain was the same, so they gave me Dilaudid, which is pretty potent narcotic, and that helped.  So they sent me home with a prescription for more narcotics and anti-reflux medication.  Overnight the pain migrated to the right lower abdomen, which made me highly suspicious of my appendix.  So I went back to the ER, where they did a bunch more tests.  My white count jumped up, I developed a fever to 102 while I was there, and a CT scan showed there was definitely something wrong.  They weren’t sure if it was a perforated Meckel diverticulum or appendix.  So off I went to the operating room.  I only remember the OR nurse telling me of the anesthesiologist, “he’s going to give you some stuff,” and he said, “I already gave her the stuff.”  Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room.  Apparently the surgeon came to tell me that it was the appendix that was inflamed and that it wasn’t perforated, but I have no memory of the conversation at all.  So I found that out later.  I stayed overnight in the hospital and came home yesterday afternoon.  My surgeon told me I should stay out of work at least 2-3 weeks, can’t drive, and can’t lift anything heavier than 2 phone books.  I was shocked.  I guess it’s because it was an open incision rather than a laparoscopic procedure.  So I’m home on painkillers, which work fine as long as I don’t try to move.. and I still need Chris to help me get up and sit down.  I haven’t tried knitting yet, because I feel rather high and am afraid to make mistakes, plus I’m not really up to it yet anyway.  I feel bad that I can’t play with Tim.  He is a little perplexed by the whole thing.  It stinks!


No, the Olympics have been great!  But I have made some progress on my Ravelympic project over this past week, and now I’ve decided that it’s too big.  Since I gained 10-15 pounds after finishing residency, I figured I shouldn’t always be making the XS size anymore.  The S size would have given me zero ease, which I thought would work fine for this pattern.  But I just tried it on, and it’s really too big.  Plus, I’ve used an entire skein already, and this is all I have done.


I can’t imagine finishing it with only 4 skeins, as specified in the pattern.

So, a week’s worth of knitting, to be frogged!!  😦  I doubt I’ll be able to finish it before the Olympics are over, but I will restart with the XS size and press on anyway.

As for my little goldfinch family, I haven’t seen them all week.  I think that in the 3 days I was away from the office, the babies learned to fly, and the whole family left!  The nest has been empty.  I wish them the best, and hope they come back to make more babies next year!

I’d gone about a year and a half without a haircut, so I felt it was time. Plus, my hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love again.

My soon-to-be-donated hair

There used to be a list of salons where you can go to get a free haircut when you donate your hair, but that list has been taken down for some reason. I just went to the same place from two years ago. If you have at least 10 inches of hair to donate and you’re interested, you can identify participating salons by a Locks of Love sticker in the window. Or you could go to your regular salon to do it, but they may not give you a free haircut.

Here’s how it turned out, after almost 13 inches of hair donated:

New haircut!

I really have to hand it to Wendy Johnson, of blogging fame, for not only does she have fantastic knitting and an adorable kitty, but she does self-portraits in the mirror which I have found is NOT EASY!  I think I deleted about 30 pictures where part of my head was cut off in various ways, before I got this one.  Anyway, back to knitting!

The Boatneck Bluebell sweater is going nicely now, after all that frogging I did. The Malabrigo held up fine, and it’s always so satisfying to finish reknitting the frogged yarn and resume knitting from the center-pull ball! I’m happy with the way it fits so far, and I just finished the waist ribbing. I went down two needle sizes for that, because my ribbing always seems to be loose. This is the sort of ribbing that should pull in somewhat, as opposed to ribbing that’s just a design element, like the 2×2 on the Tilted Duster skirt, for which I did not switch needle sizes. Here’s how it looks on me so far, now that it’s long enough to cover my midriff.

Boatneck Bluebell progress

You can see some color pooling going on, with the little spiral around the waist. It’s a bit weird, but I kind of like it so I’ll leave it that way. Can’t wait to finish!

I hate freezing rain. Who doesn’t? This morning I slipped on it, and spent about 20 minutes scraping a thick sheet of ice off my car. This person here had the right idea.

One smart person's car, and the pretty tree behind it

I do love the way the trees look, enshrouded in ice, branches drooping. That caused a scare though — on my way back from dropping Tim off at school, there was a gigantic tree that had fallen into the street. Thank goodness there were no cars under it. There was a firetruck, 2 police cars, and a news van there by the time I managed to detour around it so I could get home. I didn’t have my camera there, but I did manage to capture a few more pretty ice pictures. Here are some frozen blades of grass.

Frozen blades of grass

And this is my personal favorite:

Freezing rain can be pretty

Today I was inspired by the Spindlers group on Ravelry to participate in the November Spinning Challenge which has a “World Traveller” theme. The very talented Elemm posted a gorgeous photo of his entry so of course I have to join in too! I picked up the Bosworth featherweight spindle and llama down I bought at Rhinebeck, and this is what I have so far.

This is my first experience with llama, and my first time spinning woolen, which is to say that the fibers did not come nicely combed and aligned like the “top” roving I’ve been spinning so far, so I allowed crossed fibers to become incorporated into the yarn. I plan to make a 2-ply, and it should become a lighter, airier yarn after finishing. I think it will work out nicely, since the llama down is so fluffy and soft.


Chris carved this cyclops Jack o’ Lantern this evening. Now we just have to go buy candy for all the trick-or-treaters!


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