April 2006


Continuing from the last entry, here’s Tim at the piano with me. He’s always had tons of musical toys, and I play piano for him — in hopes that he would be attracted to music without me pushing him into it because that just never works. Amazingly, he really seems to love it, and he’s showing signs of having a decent ear. When he sings his ABC’s he garbles most of the words, but he does get the tune right! At the piano, he imitates my hand movements and tries to play real music. He even has me guide his hand to the right notes to play the melody. His hands span a fifth on the keyboard already — I imagine he’ll have real large paws when he’s done growing. Which is great for a pianist. Yay music! (Boo football.. Boo ice hockey..)



Okay, I haven’t finished my first Trekking XXL sock yet, but I’ve got about 6″ of the leg done. I haven’t decided how long I want it to be. That would be a whole lot easier if I had 2 separate skeins of yarn, one for each sock, or a scale that could tell me how close I am to half of the Trekking yarn. Oh well! Anyway, my camera battery has lost its ability to hold a charge, so I have no new sock pictures. Sorry!

Instead, here’s a Timmy picture, looking much larger than a 2-year-old boy, as usual. I tried out the height predictor at Babycenter.com (which takes into account current age, height, weight, and mommy/daddy height), and it said he will be 6’3″ with 96% chance he’ll be within 3 inches of that, meaning that he’ll be no shorter than 6’0″! If he takes after his dad’s side of the family, he’ll be large-framed too. A friend of mine keeps telling me he’ll become a great football player and make lots of money to take care of me in my old age, but I’ve seen enough football injuries in the Emergency Department, and in Radiology! I hope he takes after me and his dad and goes into music, then makes his fortune to take care of us in our old age that way instead.  🙂

Yay! I’m finally knitting something for me! I have been obsessed with this kind of yarn ever since I saw GGH Marathon but was unable to acquire it (DISCONTINUED Image). Then this Trekking XXL appeared, so I snatched it up immediately! It’s been waiting patiently in my stash for some time to knit socks for myself. This colorway is closest to the one I wanted of Marathon, with subtly changing shades of olive green, brown, rust, and even flecks of lilac. I chose a simple garter stitch 4×2 rib, and it’s turning out lovely, if I do say so myself! My feet are rather small — size 6, so store bought socks are usually baggy around the heels. For these, I’m knitting a narrower heel which fits very nicely. Can’t wait to finish them!

I’m using a circular 1.5mm Addi Turbo, getting gauge of about 10 stitches per inch. I’m doing Magic Loop for the first time, and since it’s not too different from using two circulars, it’s going smoothly. I turned the toe with short rows using decreases instead of wraps, and a reverse gusset and flap heel.