March 2008

I finally got the right size buttons, sewed them on, and washed the sweater.

Helen's Baby Surprise Jacket, done!

The sweater turned out quite small, so I hope Helen doesn’t have a big baby! I sent it off today. Hopefully, she’ll indulge me with a photo after he’s born.


Tim’s almost 4 years old now, and we just moved him out of his crib into a bed. The guideline is to move a child out of a crib as soon as he or she is able to climb out of it, since at that point it’s no longer a safe haven. Most kids move out by the time they’re 3 or so, but Tim really loved his crib and was reluctant to go to a big boy bed. So we talked it up, dressed up a twin bed with a Thomas the Tank tent, and bought Thomas sheets, then after a couple of weeks he warmed up to the idea. Last week we finally made the switch, and he was really excited!


Turns out he doesn’t want the tent, but he loves the sheets. That blanket is his beloved “purple cozy,” a quilt made by Grandma Judy’s friend, Anita, who is also a knitter!

Tim's new bed!

Of course he sleeps with all of his “friends.” His allergist would be appalled.

This weekend, Baby Andy and Auntie Pat came to visit, so the two boys had fun jumping and goofing on the bed.


Also, I introduced Pat to my wheel. She got the hang of it pretty quickly!


Here’s Tim giving Daddy some affection.

Love Daddy

I finally got back to Chris’s sweater. The body is now long enough, and I’ll be starting on the sleeves soon. He was grumpy about being photographed, but I told him – if you ask for a sweater, you’ve got to be on the blog! 🙂

Hubby Sweater body finished

I had a couple of quiet hours during Tim’s nap to work on the Bleeding Hearts Stole today, so I made some nice progress, reaching the transition section where the leaf pattern changes to the bleeding hearts.

Bleeding Hearts Stole progress

I thought I was concentrating pretty well on it, but I somehow made about 3 mistakes in the same row, so I decided to tink back a row and a half to fix them. It took me about half an hour, but turned out fine. Then I noticed this:

Ugh.. a dropped stitch

Ugh!!!  A dropped stitch in the border!  I can fix dropped stitches in stockinette without a problem, but the border is double-sided lace.  Fixing that is beyond my current skill set, so I will have to frog back.  Thankfully, I put in a life line at the start of the transition section, but boy that is painful.  Especially after I spent all that time tinking and fixing mistakes in the main body of the shawl that were going to end up frogged anyway.  Blegh…  😦

I’m just starting the third month in my new job, and I’ve gotten sick again, for the second time. Blegh.. Darn those little kids and their germs!! Just kidding. They’re adorable, and can’t help it if they cough in my face while I’m trying to look in their throats!  So I had a sick day today.

I finally wove in ends of Helen’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I went to sew on the buttons today and decided that the buttons I bought a while back are just too big. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go buy different ones, so it’ll have to wait.  Anyway, here is my fancy i-cord shoulder seam.

BSJ i-cord shoulder seam

Details on how I did it are in my previous post. Here’s a front view.


I am really impressed with this technique! It looks so nice and neat. Here’s a back view of the jacket. I didn’t run the i-cord across the back of the neck because I didn’t want it to be too constrictive for the baby.

Back view of BSJ

I’ll post a picture of the front after I get new buttons and sew them on. 🙂

In the meantime, I cast on for a new project — the Bleeding Hearts Stole from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits.

Bleeding Hearts Stole!

I’m using merino/silk Jasmine from Kris, The Painted Sheep. It is a gorgeous semisolid brown which gives depth without detracting from the complex lace pattern. Mmmm!

Beginning of Bleeding Hearts Stole

More details to follow..