We had another fun Halloween this year!  Tim asked to be Percy, one of Thomas the Tank’s friends, so Chris obliged with this:


It’s tradition in Chris’s family for Daddy to make the costumes.  And you can’t buy Percy in the stores anyway, only Thomas.  Of course, Tim was thrilled!


He got lots of candy dressed like this.


He also dictated the look of the Jack o’ Lantern this year – he wanted a scary one!



I started a second baby project, a blanket made from Lily Chin’s Reversible Cabled Rib Shawl pattern. It’s a little bit insane because it will take forever, but it’ll be cute! Dream in Color Smooshy has been my “go-to” baby yarn recently, and I thought it would look great in a cable pattern, so this is what I got from Webs. It’s the Some Summer Sky colorway.


It came in 4 different shades, as you can see in the picture, so I’m just going to knit them in order of lightest to darkest, and make the gradient a design element. No way am I alternating skeins!

From my swatch and some rough calculations I did 5 repeats across (CO 248 stitches) using size 9 needles – and it is turning out to be about 32″ across which I think should be okay for a baby blanket. Here’s what I have so far:

Baby blanket progress

And a close up:

Baby blanket progress

The pattern and yarn together are making a wonderfully cushy fabric!  I hope baby likes it.


Tim had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.  He kept on changing his mind!  Finally, we told him he had to make a final choice, and he decided on a T-rex (or T-wex, as he pronounces it).  We went to a few craft stores before finding this green foam at Jo-Ann’s, and Chris made it into a great costume!


The other kids at Tim’s school Halloween party really liked it!


The side view.


After about 15 minutes, he wanted out of the costume.  It may have been too warm for indoors, and did interfere with his cookie consumption.


Dancing, yeah!  It was a fun party.  Here we are before going out trick-or-treating.


Uncle Natty came to spend the evening with us too.


I also have some photos from an Andy visit, earlier in the fall.  We went apple picking!


What a beautiful tree.


Tim picked lots of apples.


So did Andy!


Here’s a walk in the woods I took with Tim and Chris.


Tim collected many beautiful leaves.




Autum in New England is so beautiful! Here is the Flickr set, for more.  I do have knitting content coming soon!

Tim loves Thomas the Tank Engine, watches episodes on DVD almost every day, and has tons of toys, including a great Duplo train set (courtesy of Grandpa). Naturally, he asked for a Thomas costume for Halloween. I found this snazzy 3-D version on eBay. He was pretty sweet in it! Except that he wore the hat for about 2 minutes before throwing it off.

He had a good time ringing doorbells and getting candy, though he was shy and would only whisper “trick or treat.” We’ll have to ration out his candy now! He had a dentist appointment this morning and did really well — crying only at the beginning. But his dentist said that he will come after us if Tim ever gets cavities.


Chris carved this cyclops Jack o’ Lantern this evening. Now we just have to go buy candy for all the trick-or-treaters!