Uhhh..  I realize I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long while, and he’s almost 11 months old already, but I guess it’s better late than never, right?  Here he is:


Day one.


Eight months old.


With big brother Tim.


Yes, I am a shameless parent who will torture my child for my own amusement with silly Halloween costumes.

It’s amazing how much he’s changing, and how fast everything is going by. Hopefully it won’t be another 11 months before I blog again! I have plenty of good knitting and spinning material which I hope to catch up on in the coming weeks.


We had another fun Halloween this year!  Tim asked to be Percy, one of Thomas the Tank’s friends, so Chris obliged with this:


It’s tradition in Chris’s family for Daddy to make the costumes.  And you can’t buy Percy in the stores anyway, only Thomas.  Of course, Tim was thrilled!


He got lots of candy dressed like this.


He also dictated the look of the Jack o’ Lantern this year – he wanted a scary one!



I started a second baby project, a blanket made from Lily Chin’s Reversible Cabled Rib Shawl pattern. It’s a little bit insane because it will take forever, but it’ll be cute! Dream in Color Smooshy has been my “go-to” baby yarn recently, and I thought it would look great in a cable pattern, so this is what I got from Webs. It’s the Some Summer Sky colorway.


It came in 4 different shades, as you can see in the picture, so I’m just going to knit them in order of lightest to darkest, and make the gradient a design element. No way am I alternating skeins!

From my swatch and some rough calculations I did 5 repeats across (CO 248 stitches) using size 9 needles – and it is turning out to be about 32″ across which I think should be okay for a baby blanket. Here’s what I have so far:

Baby blanket progress

And a close up:

Baby blanket progress

The pattern and yarn together are making a wonderfully cushy fabric!  I hope baby likes it.

After my last post about Mouse Guard, I got the okay from David Petersen to post pictures of Sadie!  My husband bought this original page from him for my birthday, and my dad blew up the colored page from the comic to the same size, then framed them side by side.  This is hanging on our living room wall.

Mouse Guard Sadie

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I love her!  Here is the sketch he did for me in my hardcover book, while we were chatting at the New York Comic-Con.

Sadie sketch, done while we were chatting!

This is why I was clutching the book in my arms in the picture I took with him!  Brilliant.

Speaking of small rodents, we had a pair of real mice for almost 2 years, but they both passed on recently.  Unfortunately their life spans are pretty short.  They were very darling, but were more afraid of us than interactive with us.  So Chris decided on rats instead (we would love to get a dog, but don’t have the space or the time to raise a dog right now).  I know that most people think, “ewwww, rats!”  But we had a friend in college who kept a rat which was quite smart, clean, and cuddly, and Chris read a lot to confirm that pet rats tend to be that way.  So when the Paper Heart Rattery had babies available, we put together a rat home and went to pick up a pair of new rats! Here they are:


Here’s Tim meeting them for the first time:

Tim meeting the babies

He did manage to be gentle.


Even so, they were pretty scared, especially in the travel cage.

In the carrying cage

Here’s the new home we had ready for them. Pretty sweet for a pair of rats, if you ask me.

Our setup

During the car ride home, we decided on their names. I’ve always found human names for pets to be funny, so that’s what we did. This little guy we named Steve.  Pretty darling!


And this one we named Joe.  He’s a little bigger and bolder than Steve.


Already, they’re settling in and starting to get used to us. Here’s Joe getting acquainted with Daddy Chris.

Getting acquainted with Daddy

They like to climb around on us, and when we go near the cage, they come up and try to snoof us through the bars.  Pretty cute!

Of course, I didn’t finish the Reid cardigan for Annabelle.  I told them, it’s a spring cardigan anyway!  Here’s what I have so far.

Reid cardi progress

I did manage to hold up the pieces to Annabelle, and think it will work out. It will just be longer than the pattern calls for. We had a nice time with her family for Christmas. Here’s Tim and Chris with Grandma and the cousins:


Tim sampling Santa’s cookies that Uncle Nat made on Christmas Eve.


Two excited cousins on Christmas morning!


Checking out their stockings.


Tim loved this Christmas light necklace!


Princess Palooza!


Baby Ryan, just happy to be there.


It was a great Christmas!


Tim had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.  He kept on changing his mind!  Finally, we told him he had to make a final choice, and he decided on a T-rex (or T-wex, as he pronounces it).  We went to a few craft stores before finding this green foam at Jo-Ann’s, and Chris made it into a great costume!


The other kids at Tim’s school Halloween party really liked it!


The side view.


After about 15 minutes, he wanted out of the costume.  It may have been too warm for indoors, and did interfere with his cookie consumption.


Dancing, yeah!  It was a fun party.  Here we are before going out trick-or-treating.


Uncle Natty came to spend the evening with us too.


I also have some photos from an Andy visit, earlier in the fall.  We went apple picking!


What a beautiful tree.


Tim picked lots of apples.


So did Andy!


Here’s a walk in the woods I took with Tim and Chris.


Tim collected many beautiful leaves.




Autum in New England is so beautiful! Here is the Flickr set, for more.  I do have knitting content coming soon!

I hope everyone at Rhinebeck is having a wonderful time!  I didn’t go because of my stupid appendix.  I am pretty much recovered, but the festival is so big and overwhelming, I didn’t think I’d have the endurance to make the 2 hour drive worth it.  Plus I have too much yarn and spinning fiber in my stash anyway.  😦  Next year I hope to be there!

So I’ve been knitting instead.  Recently, I resumed working on my hubby’s sweater, which I put down when the weather turned warm last spring.  I already had the body done, so I cast on for the sleeves, using the percentage system from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears.


Apparently, Elizabeth Zimmerman never knew anyone with arms as large as my husband.  The cuffs are appropriately snug, but the sleeves are way too tight around his forearms!  Wah.  So these will be frogged, restarted with more cast-on stitches, and I will increase less frequently than she specified.  For now, they are sitting in the corner.  Bad sleeves!!  I picked up my Bleeding Hearts Stole instead.  Here is what I have so far, looking rumpled.  I have finished 13 repeats of the center section.

Bleeding Hearts Stole, in progress

The pattern is designed to be cast-on each end, knitted toward the center, and grafted together, but I don’t like the way it looks that way, plus I am not confident in my grafting skills.  So I have knit past center, and will try to place the graft where it will be covered by my arm as I am wearing it.  I have cast-on the second half using yarn from the outside of the ball, and will figure out where to graft the two parts together.

Now for some Timmy pictures!  Over Labor Day weekend, we went up to MA to see Baby Andy and to attend A Day Out with Thomas together.  We got to ride a train pulled by Thomas himself!  Here’s Andy on the train, with his parents Pat and Rob, and Grandpa!


Here’s Tim, Chris, and me.


After the ride, we got to take photos with Thomas!  I love Tim’s little crooked smile.


There were also carnival type rides there.





Also, we saw the most gigantic bug I have ever seen.  I think it is a praying mantis.


There was an indoor play area, where the two boys ran around like crazy.


Fake tattoo!


There was a guy telling stories and singing songs. Here’s Auntie Pat telling a joke!


It was a fun day!


I attached the buttons while at SnB last Wednesday. I did end up buying new ones, because I couldn’t find the ones I bought previously.  They might not have been the right size anyway.  I decided on plain-ish buttons.  Here is the finished sweater!


Again, a delight to knit.  I’ve babbled on enough about this pattern in my previous posts.  Hopefully I’ll get a better photo, with the sweater on the baby!

Several weeks ago, we went to Kid City with cousin Annabelle (big sister of the new baby).  Here are some silly photos:














Ta da! More pictures in the Flickr set here.

In other news, I will be going back to work tomorrow, 4 weeks after appendectomy.  Finally!  I won’t be able to resume full duties for another 2 weeks though.  My surgeon told me it really takes 6-8 weeks to recover fully.