Here’s the Clapotis I knit for my mother. I was weaving in ends at 2:30AM on Christmas Eve. Oops!

Clapotis for Mom

  • Pattern: Of course you recognize the Clapotis
  • Yarn: Mystical Creation Yarns bamboo in Merlot, 2 skeins
  • Needles: Denise size 8
  • Mods: One repeat wider and one repeat shorter than pattern (not intentionally)

I think it turned out great, and my Mom loves it. As I mentioned in a previous post, the bamboo drapes wonderfully and won’t be too hot to wear in Thailand. You may notice that the two skeins I had didn’t match colors exactly. One is more pink and the other is more purple and burgundy, but there was no way I was going to alternate skeins on this! There was no place to hide the yarn running up the side. So I’m calling it a design element. 🙂 The knitting got a little tedious, and wasn’t great for TV knitting because I can’t purl without looking! But it turned out so nice I may need to make one for myself some day.

Please pardon my pajamas.. My son and his little cousin Andy were way too excited to start on gifts to give me time to change! More Christmas pictures to follow.


In addition to delightful Thanksgiving family time, I had some good knitting time. My sister Pat is the one who bought me yarn and needles with the Knitting for Dummies book, and taught me to knit for Christmas in 2005. Since then, she had a baby, and her life has been very busy, so she hasn’t knit as much as she would like. So it was nice to be able to sit with her for some fiber time. I brought a spindle and some roving to continue our spinning lessons, and she did great once again! She spun a 2-ply from hand-dyed Corriedale, then swatched it up into a lovely fabric. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo but I’m hoping she will take one soon! While she was spinning, I made some progress on Chris’s hubby sweater.

Hubby sweater detail

I think the dragon scales are turning out nicely. Soon I’ll have to decide on the upper body construction. As for the Clapotis, I didn’t work on it during the break because my mother was around, but I’ve made some progress in secret.

The Clap grows!

I wasn’t paying attention and increased one repeat too many, but that’s okay. It’ll just be a tad wider than it’s supposed to be. But I was very excited to start dropping stitches!

First dropped stitches

The bamboo yarn is nice and drapey, and the stitches dropped nicely, as expected!

Also, my sister gave me this from her stash:

Malabrigo stash from my sister

Some luscious Malabrigo worsted merino in Verde Azul and Brown Berries. Two sweaters worth! Actually, she was intending to use the brown berries for me, but she doesn’t foresee enough knitting time to make use of it. So after all my holiday knitting is done, I’ll find something fun to knit with it. Thanks, pal!

Okay, I realize this thing is really old, but I thought it was so funny because I’ve always loved Neville, and especially the way he steps up in the later books (no spoilers, of course). And this describes my personality pretty well.

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In other news, my mother is coming to visit from Thailand, and I’ve been wondering what I could knit for her that would not be overwhelming in the tropical heat and humidity. After listening to Stash and Burn‘s Wildfire episode which included an interview with Kate Gilbert, I decided to do the ubiquitous Clapotis. I thought this bamboo yarn from Mystical Creation Yarns would make a nice, drapey fabric that’s not too warm. Plus, the stitches should drop nicely.

The Clapotis grows