Well, the knitting is complete on my third Baby Surprise Jacket.  Good thing too, because the baby was born 2 days ago!  Here is the obligatory garter stitch blob shot.


Then one side folded up..


Then ta da!! A Baby Surprise Jacket! I never get tired of this presto change-o thing.


So I seamed up the shoulders, unfortunately more than once. My 10-stitch pickup wasn’t super pretty on one side, especially the corner stitch, so I wanted that side to be hidden. Stupidly, I seamed it up so that was on the outside, but luckily I realized it after doing just one side. So I undid it and started over.

I had to review seaming horizontal to vertical garter stitch, and experimented with a few different ways. This is what worked best for me. On the horizontal side, I put my needle under each “v.”


On the vertical side, I put the needle in the last garter bump on each ridge.


I pulled it tight enough to be neat, but not puckered.  It turned out very nice, if I do say so myself!


The other tip I have is to leave a long cast-on tail to use for seaming one of the shoulders, maybe 16 inches will do. That way, you have 2 fewer ends to weave in! I did this by accident – don’t ask me why it took 3 times to figure it out.

I have buttons that may work well with this sweater, but darn it I can’t find them. I will continue to search, but may need to have hubby drive me to the store to buy new ones (still not allowed to drive after my surgery). I hope I can finish by the time we go to visit the baby!