I attached the buttons while at SnB last Wednesday. I did end up buying new ones, because I couldn’t find the ones I bought previously.  They might not have been the right size anyway.  I decided on plain-ish buttons.  Here is the finished sweater!


Again, a delight to knit.  I’ve babbled on enough about this pattern in my previous posts.  Hopefully I’ll get a better photo, with the sweater on the baby!

Several weeks ago, we went to Kid City with cousin Annabelle (big sister of the new baby).  Here are some silly photos:














Ta da! More pictures in the Flickr set here.

In other news, I will be going back to work tomorrow, 4 weeks after appendectomy.  Finally!  I won’t be able to resume full duties for another 2 weeks though.  My surgeon told me it really takes 6-8 weeks to recover fully.


Well, the knitting is complete on my third Baby Surprise Jacket.  Good thing too, because the baby was born 2 days ago!  Here is the obligatory garter stitch blob shot.


Then one side folded up..


Then ta da!! A Baby Surprise Jacket! I never get tired of this presto change-o thing.


So I seamed up the shoulders, unfortunately more than once. My 10-stitch pickup wasn’t super pretty on one side, especially the corner stitch, so I wanted that side to be hidden. Stupidly, I seamed it up so that was on the outside, but luckily I realized it after doing just one side. So I undid it and started over.

I had to review seaming horizontal to vertical garter stitch, and experimented with a few different ways. This is what worked best for me. On the horizontal side, I put my needle under each “v.”


On the vertical side, I put the needle in the last garter bump on each ridge.


I pulled it tight enough to be neat, but not puckered.  It turned out very nice, if I do say so myself!


The other tip I have is to leave a long cast-on tail to use for seaming one of the shoulders, maybe 16 inches will do. That way, you have 2 fewer ends to weave in! I did this by accident – don’t ask me why it took 3 times to figure it out.

I have buttons that may work well with this sweater, but darn it I can’t find them. I will continue to search, but may need to have hubby drive me to the store to buy new ones (still not allowed to drive after my surgery). I hope I can finish by the time we go to visit the baby!

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes!  I am finally feeling well enough to knit again.  For my first project while recovering from appendectomy, I need a pattern that doesn’t require too much thought or needle gymnastics. The Baby Surprise Jacket is in garter stitch, and you do nothing but knit except at the markers. Plus I’ve done it twice already. Perfect for knitting while still a little high on painkillers!  I am still making good use of Dawn Adcock’s notes for the project.


This is Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Panda, a merino, bamboo, nylon blend (bought at The Loopy Ewe).  I already had it wound up to use for socks on my CSM, but I’m not really in any shape to use my CSM yet, plus I thought it would be so nice for a BSJ. So it’s going to my nephew who is due to arrive around the end of September. I am impressed with the yarn so far, very soft. It has navy blue, green, purple, and a little brown, and the colors are blending beautifully. Here is what the sleeve will look like after it is folded up and seamed.


I didn’t bother to swatch. I thought the yarn looked somewhat heavier than what I used for the last BSJ I did, which turned out a little small anyway. I meant to go up from a size 4 needle to a 5, but couldn’t find both needle tips in size 5 for my Denise set. So size 6 it is! I like the fabric it is producing, plus my husband’s family produces giganto babies anyway.  So I think it will all work out.

For those of you waiting for Tim updates, I have plenty of pictures coming!  A few weeks ago we went to A Day Out with Thomas, with Cousin Andy, and then right before my appendicitis we went to Kid City with Cousin Annabelle (big sister of the recipient of this BSJ).  I will get those photos up soon.

I was very excited to receive the Fall 2008 Spin-Off Magazine today, because Tim’s Dinosaur Surprise Jacket is featured in the handspun gallery!  They chose my favorite picture, along with two others, and the layout looks great.  Tim got a kick out of seeing himself in a magazine.  Thanks to editor Amy Clarke Moore for choosing my project, and for a great magazine!

I’m making slow progress on my Bleeding Hearts Stole, but I continue to enjoy knitting it very much. I still can’t get over how beautiful Kris‘s yarn is.


That’s just me trying to hold it as open as possible using my toes.. I’m sure it will look much better after blocking!

This past weekend we went to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. It was surprisingly overcast and cold, so we were thankful to have our sweaters. Tim ended up wearing both sweaters that I brought for him!


There was tasty food.


Tim and his Baby Surprise Jacket got recognized by several people, including CTJen, who had arranged to have Nutmeg Knitter buttons made for the event. Check out some cute animal pictures in her blog post! (I missed them because I wasn’t carrying the camera most of the time – my dad took these pictures.)

There were cute, fun things for Tim to do.  We petted sheep and bunnies.


Hanging out with Daddy so Mommy could do some shopping.


I hadn’t blogged about this previously, but Chris randomly decided to shave his head on Tim’s birthday. He had asked me if I think he should do it, and I thought he was joking so I told him to go ahead. I was completely floored when he came down from the bathroom with his head half shaved, asking for my help. What a crazy husband I have! Right now it’s at that cute duckling fuzz stage of growing back so I’m enjoying rubbing his head.

Anyway, back to the festival. Tim did get a bit tired and cranky, so thankfully it was a nice, small event. Much more manageable than Rhinebeck!


We had an informal Ravelry meetup. Some of my SnB Newington friends were there, including Kris, Paula, Jenny, Amy, and Debbie and her delightful daughter Leah, and I met some new friends as well, including Christiane, Beverly, Susan, and Deb. I didn’t catch everyone’s names though.  Please leave me a comment if you see yourself in the picture!


In terms of stuff, I was awfully tempted by some sinfully soft yak/cashmere/qiviut yarn, but it was $36 a skein, so I passed.  I did buy some beautifully dyed merino and merino/tussah spinning fiber, which will hopefully get me back to my poor neglected wheel (darn work).  I’ll post pictures of those later.

We were planning to go home after the Ravelry meetup for Tim’s sake, but he decided that he liked the music and didn’t want to leave!


This is the Scamp sweater I knit for him before I started this blog, but details can be found on my Ravelry page here.  If you’re not on Ravelry yet, what are you waiting for?  Please go and join!

So we stayed and listened to the Irish/Celtic music, by Full Gael.  He liked it so much that he went up to the musicians afterwards, and we even bought a CD!  We left in a good mood.  It was a great day!


I finally got the right size buttons, sewed them on, and washed the sweater.

Helen's Baby Surprise Jacket, done!

The sweater turned out quite small, so I hope Helen doesn’t have a big baby! I sent it off today. Hopefully, she’ll indulge me with a photo after he’s born.

I’m just starting the third month in my new job, and I’ve gotten sick again, for the second time. Blegh.. Darn those little kids and their germs!! Just kidding. They’re adorable, and can’t help it if they cough in my face while I’m trying to look in their throats!  So I had a sick day today.

I finally wove in ends of Helen’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I went to sew on the buttons today and decided that the buttons I bought a while back are just too big. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go buy different ones, so it’ll have to wait.  Anyway, here is my fancy i-cord shoulder seam.

BSJ i-cord shoulder seam

Details on how I did it are in my previous post. Here’s a front view.


I am really impressed with this technique! It looks so nice and neat. Here’s a back view of the jacket. I didn’t run the i-cord across the back of the neck because I didn’t want it to be too constrictive for the baby.

Back view of BSJ

I’ll post a picture of the front after I get new buttons and sew them on. 🙂

In the meantime, I cast on for a new project — the Bleeding Hearts Stole from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits.

Bleeding Hearts Stole!

I’m using merino/silk Jasmine from Kris, The Painted Sheep. It is a gorgeous semisolid brown which gives depth without detracting from the complex lace pattern. Mmmm!

Beginning of Bleeding Hearts Stole

More details to follow..