April 2008

I’m making slow progress on my Bleeding Hearts Stole, but I continue to enjoy knitting it very much. I still can’t get over how beautiful Kris‘s yarn is.


That’s just me trying to hold it as open as possible using my toes.. I’m sure it will look much better after blocking!

This past weekend we went to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. It was surprisingly overcast and cold, so we were thankful to have our sweaters. Tim ended up wearing both sweaters that I brought for him!


There was tasty food.


Tim and his Baby Surprise Jacket got recognized by several people, including CTJen, who had arranged to have Nutmeg Knitter buttons made for the event. Check out some cute animal pictures in her blog post! (I missed them because I wasn’t carrying the camera most of the time – my dad took these pictures.)

There were cute, fun things for Tim to do.  We petted sheep and bunnies.


Hanging out with Daddy so Mommy could do some shopping.


I hadn’t blogged about this previously, but Chris randomly decided to shave his head on Tim’s birthday. He had asked me if I think he should do it, and I thought he was joking so I told him to go ahead. I was completely floored when he came down from the bathroom with his head half shaved, asking for my help. What a crazy husband I have! Right now it’s at that cute duckling fuzz stage of growing back so I’m enjoying rubbing his head.

Anyway, back to the festival. Tim did get a bit tired and cranky, so thankfully it was a nice, small event. Much more manageable than Rhinebeck!


We had an informal Ravelry meetup. Some of my SnB Newington friends were there, including Kris, Paula, Jenny, Amy, and Debbie and her delightful daughter Leah, and I met some new friends as well, including Christiane, Beverly, Susan, and Deb. I didn’t catch everyone’s names though.  Please leave me a comment if you see yourself in the picture!


In terms of stuff, I was awfully tempted by some sinfully soft yak/cashmere/qiviut yarn, but it was $36 a skein, so I passed.  I did buy some beautifully dyed merino and merino/tussah spinning fiber, which will hopefully get me back to my poor neglected wheel (darn work).  I’ll post pictures of those later.

We were planning to go home after the Ravelry meetup for Tim’s sake, but he decided that he liked the music and didn’t want to leave!


This is the Scamp sweater I knit for him before I started this blog, but details can be found on my Ravelry page here.  If you’re not on Ravelry yet, what are you waiting for?  Please go and join!

So we stayed and listened to the Irish/Celtic music, by Full Gael.  He liked it so much that he went up to the musicians afterwards, and we even bought a CD!  We left in a good mood.  It was a great day!



Wow, I can’t believe my baby is four years old already!  We had a little party at Kid City.  A few of the invitees didn’t show up, but Tim didn’t mind at all because his friend Sabrina came, and they had so much fun together!


Grandma Judy also came, all the way from Missouri!


Baby Andy and his parents also came.


There were tasty snacks.


Plenty of goofing, as usual.


Then there was cake! At Tim’s request, we had no candles on it. I think he got scared by the fire at the hibachi grill, and now wants nothing to do with any kind of fire.. which I guess is better than being fascinated by it. Better to be wimpy and safe, right?


The cake was super chocolatey and delicious!


Then Sabrina helped Tim with his presents.


After that, it was time to see the rest of the museum. The basement is a giant undersea wonderland, where they ran around chasing each other and exploring the room.





Uncle Rob got roped into horseback duty.


Of course, Andy had to join in too!


Then there was the rocket ship with the crystals.



Andy driving!


Tim and Andy share an obsession with trains.


Here’s Tim with the hands-on version.


It was a great little party. In case you’re interested, more pictures here

Happy Birthday, my puppy love!

Okay, so I’m a few weeks late with this one.  Sorry!

This year, we put out a carrot for the Easter Bunny (like cookies for Santa).  Here’s what Tim discovered when he woke up!


He was quite excited to see that Easter Bunny enjoyed the carrot and left a basket of goodies for him.


After decorating himself with almost all of the stickers, he said “I look very beautiful today!”


Then, it was time for the Easter egg hunt!  Because of Tim’s egg allergy, we used plastic eggs filled with various little treats inside.


Notice the little bunny peeking out from his coat pocket?  He was calling it the Easter Bunny, as if it had been the one to eat the carrot, hide all the eggs, and leave him treats.  That’s little boy logic for you.. After finding all the eggs, Tim had fun opening them all (and eating some candy)!


Daddy, oops I mean the Easter Bunny, really outdid himself with the treats.  Look at this haul!


There are a few extra photos on Flickr here.  Next post will be Timmy birthday photos!