After my last post about Mouse Guard, I got the okay from David Petersen to post pictures of Sadie!  My husband bought this original page from him for my birthday, and my dad blew up the colored page from the comic to the same size, then framed them side by side.  This is hanging on our living room wall.

Mouse Guard Sadie

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I love her!  Here is the sketch he did for me in my hardcover book, while we were chatting at the New York Comic-Con.

Sadie sketch, done while we were chatting!

This is why I was clutching the book in my arms in the picture I took with him!  Brilliant.

Speaking of small rodents, we had a pair of real mice for almost 2 years, but they both passed on recently.  Unfortunately their life spans are pretty short.  They were very darling, but were more afraid of us than interactive with us.  So Chris decided on rats instead (we would love to get a dog, but don’t have the space or the time to raise a dog right now).  I know that most people think, “ewwww, rats!”  But we had a friend in college who kept a rat which was quite smart, clean, and cuddly, and Chris read a lot to confirm that pet rats tend to be that way.  So when the Paper Heart Rattery had babies available, we put together a rat home and went to pick up a pair of new rats! Here they are:


Here’s Tim meeting them for the first time:

Tim meeting the babies

He did manage to be gentle.


Even so, they were pretty scared, especially in the travel cage.

In the carrying cage

Here’s the new home we had ready for them. Pretty sweet for a pair of rats, if you ask me.

Our setup

During the car ride home, we decided on their names. I’ve always found human names for pets to be funny, so that’s what we did. This little guy we named Steve.  Pretty darling!


And this one we named Joe.  He’s a little bigger and bolder than Steve.


Already, they’re settling in and starting to get used to us. Here’s Joe getting acquainted with Daddy Chris.

Getting acquainted with Daddy

They like to climb around on us, and when we go near the cage, they come up and try to snoof us through the bars.  Pretty cute!