Tim has a little set of tiny Legos in various colors that you can use to make pictures.  For the most part, he just makes random pictures or follows the ones that came with the set.  Last week though, he put together his own little pattern, “just for Daddy!”


I was so impressed.  My 4-year-old has a sense of design!  After that, we went to a nearby lake.


It was a beautiful place, and a beautiful day.


My boys were so cute together in the water!


Fortunately, Chris is a good swimmer.  I can keep myself afloat, but not with a flailing crazy little boy climbing all over me.  So I stayed with Tim only where I could still reach the bottom.

This weekend, I practiced my Navajo plying technique some more.  Same Coopworth fiber from Spunky Eclectic, but this time I spun it finer.  The singles still broke a few times, but less than before, and it turned out more evenly. This is pre-soaking – I just felt like posting right away!



In my spinning, up to now I’ve been so enamoured of the 2-ply barber pole color effect, that I’ve never learned Navajo plying before. So I decided to give it a try. I spun up some singles of undyed Coopworth from a Spunky Eclectic sampler.

Undyed Coopworth singles

After letting the singles sit for a day, I did my first Navajo ply!  I looked at a few YouTube videos for reference.  This one was the most helpful.  As you can see, it’s rather uneven.  I also had a problem with the singles breaking several times, since I wasn’t super careful when I was spinning them.  Next time, more twist! 

My first Navajo ply!

I do like the way it looks nice and round. Here it is on the niddy noddy.

Coopworth Navajo ply on the niddy

Skeined up:

Coopworth Navajo ply, skeined up

It’s about worsted weight, 67 yards.  Here it is close up:

Coopworth Navajo ply closeup

It’s a nice technique. I’ll probably use it with fiber of relatively uniform color when I want a 3-ply look-alike, or when I want to keep different colors separate.