Wow, I can’t believe my baby is four years old already!  We had a little party at Kid City.  A few of the invitees didn’t show up, but Tim didn’t mind at all because his friend Sabrina came, and they had so much fun together!


Grandma Judy also came, all the way from Missouri!


Baby Andy and his parents also came.


There were tasty snacks.


Plenty of goofing, as usual.


Then there was cake! At Tim’s request, we had no candles on it. I think he got scared by the fire at the hibachi grill, and now wants nothing to do with any kind of fire.. which I guess is better than being fascinated by it. Better to be wimpy and safe, right?


The cake was super chocolatey and delicious!


Then Sabrina helped Tim with his presents.


After that, it was time to see the rest of the museum. The basement is a giant undersea wonderland, where they ran around chasing each other and exploring the room.





Uncle Rob got roped into horseback duty.


Of course, Andy had to join in too!


Then there was the rocket ship with the crystals.



Andy driving!


Tim and Andy share an obsession with trains.


Here’s Tim with the hands-on version.


It was a great little party. In case you’re interested, more pictures here

Happy Birthday, my puppy love!


Here are some pictures from the past weekend. Grandpa bought matching sleepers for the boys, and I couldn’t resist cuddling them together!

Two brown bears

They had a great time together, and it’s really sweet how they truly love each other. Tim is always excited to go to “Baby Andy’s house,” and Andy wakes up in the morning calling “Timmy!”  Look at these dance moves.  Do you think this is future boy band material?

Tim and Andy dancing

Here they were having fun with Auntie Pat’s salad spinner. They had them on their heads like little spacemen.


Today is Chris’s birthday, and unfortunately his sweater is nowhere near done, since he graciously volunteered to have his sweater last in my holiday queue, but I am almost up to the armpits.

Hubby Sweater slow progress

He also likes to choose his own gifts, and orders things like German radio dramas. We celebrated already over the weekend with my sister’s birthday, but we’ll go out to dinner tonight too.

Pam and Chris

Happy Birthday, Hunny! Love you!

Yesterday was my sister Pat’s birthday, and I gave her the fingerless mitts I knit out of the first yarn I spun on my wheel, which I have been keeping secret. They can now be revealed!

Pat wearing handspun fingerless mitts!

  • Pattern: Lace Mitts from Too Much Wool
  • Yarn: My handspun from Spunky Eclectic BFL in Mahogany, 2-ply, 15 wpi
  • Needles: Bryspun circular size 4
  • Gauge: 5 stitches per inch in stockinette
  • Mods: Changed yarnovers to M1’s for slightly warmer mitts, changed stitch count to 36 around, used Ann Budd’s “Handy Book of Patterns” for thumb gusset structure

The yarn was somewhat thick and thin, and underspun in places but knit up beautifully. I finished them on 11/9/07, and as expected, they are fraternal in terms of the color changes. I did take out some sections of yarn that were glaringly different and would make them look unrelated rather than fraternal.. And the thumb is longer on the second one than on the first. I always have trouble getting pairs of things to match exactly when I don’t knit them at the same time..

As you can see in the picture, she likes them! I thought they’d be good for cold New England evenings when she has to do a lot of computer work. Here they are close up.

Finished handspun mitts!

I also gave her Woolpets needle felting kits that I got from The Loopy Ewe. One bunny and one sleepy sheep, which we’ll do over the holiday break. Here she is with her hubby Rob, me, and her kitty cat, Ghirardelli aka Sweetpea.

Pat with Woolpet gifts

Happy birthday, sister!