I’ve donated my hair twice before, to Locks of Love, and was planning to do it again.  I hadn’t had a haircut since February 2008!  Then I heard from my knitting friend Suzanne that a lot of the hair donated to Locks of Love doesn’t actually make it to the kids – a lot of it is sold or discarded.  It seems that since they are the most popular hair donation charity, they get overwhelmed with donations and can’t handle all of them, plus they get a lot of unusable hair.  Suzanne suggested Wigs for Kids instead, so that’s what I did.  On the website there is a list of salons that give haircuts for free or at a discount when you donate.  Unfortunately, it is not completely up to date – one place I called had been out of business for 4 years already.  But I did find a good place not too far from me.  This is what I had to donate.

Hair donation to Wigs for Kids

This is what it looked like after being chopped – about 12 inches!

Goodbye, hair!

And here’s what I looked like.


And here’s my almost-31-week belly!

Hair cut plus belly

It turns out the Tilted Duster makes a great maternity sweater!