Thanks everyone for all the good wishes!  I am finally feeling well enough to knit again.  For my first project while recovering from appendectomy, I need a pattern that doesn’t require too much thought or needle gymnastics. The Baby Surprise Jacket is in garter stitch, and you do nothing but knit except at the markers. Plus I’ve done it twice already. Perfect for knitting while still a little high on painkillers!  I am still making good use of Dawn Adcock’s notes for the project.


This is Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Panda, a merino, bamboo, nylon blend (bought at The Loopy Ewe).  I already had it wound up to use for socks on my CSM, but I’m not really in any shape to use my CSM yet, plus I thought it would be so nice for a BSJ. So it’s going to my nephew who is due to arrive around the end of September. I am impressed with the yarn so far, very soft. It has navy blue, green, purple, and a little brown, and the colors are blending beautifully. Here is what the sleeve will look like after it is folded up and seamed.


I didn’t bother to swatch. I thought the yarn looked somewhat heavier than what I used for the last BSJ I did, which turned out a little small anyway. I meant to go up from a size 4 needle to a 5, but couldn’t find both needle tips in size 5 for my Denise set. So size 6 it is! I like the fabric it is producing, plus my husband’s family produces giganto babies anyway.  So I think it will all work out.

For those of you waiting for Tim updates, I have plenty of pictures coming!  A few weeks ago we went to A Day Out with Thomas, with Cousin Andy, and then right before my appendicitis we went to Kid City with Cousin Annabelle (big sister of the recipient of this BSJ).  I will get those photos up soon.