I have knitting and Tim pictures to post, I really do!  But things keep getting in the way.  Very shortly after the good news of Spin-Off Magazine coming out, I developed what I thought was heartburn and didn’t think much of it.  I had eaten Jamaican jerk chicken for lunch, and tamales for dinner, and I’ve had transient heartburn occasionally, so I just went to bed for the night.  The next morning, the pain was constant, worsening, and taking Tums didn’t help at all, so I took my very first trip to the Emergency Room.  They did a bunch of blood tests and an ultrasound, which were all normal, diagnosed me with gastritis, and gave me anti-reflux and nausea medication, along with IV fluids.  After a few hours there the pain was the same, so they gave me Dilaudid, which is pretty potent narcotic, and that helped.  So they sent me home with a prescription for more narcotics and anti-reflux medication.  Overnight the pain migrated to the right lower abdomen, which made me highly suspicious of my appendix.  So I went back to the ER, where they did a bunch more tests.  My white count jumped up, I developed a fever to 102 while I was there, and a CT scan showed there was definitely something wrong.  They weren’t sure if it was a perforated Meckel diverticulum or appendix.  So off I went to the operating room.  I only remember the OR nurse telling me of the anesthesiologist, “he’s going to give you some stuff,” and he said, “I already gave her the stuff.”  Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room.  Apparently the surgeon came to tell me that it was the appendix that was inflamed and that it wasn’t perforated, but I have no memory of the conversation at all.  So I found that out later.  I stayed overnight in the hospital and came home yesterday afternoon.  My surgeon told me I should stay out of work at least 2-3 weeks, can’t drive, and can’t lift anything heavier than 2 phone books.  I was shocked.  I guess it’s because it was an open incision rather than a laparoscopic procedure.  So I’m home on painkillers, which work fine as long as I don’t try to move.. and I still need Chris to help me get up and sit down.  I haven’t tried knitting yet, because I feel rather high and am afraid to make mistakes, plus I’m not really up to it yet anyway.  I feel bad that I can’t play with Tim.  He is a little perplexed by the whole thing.  It stinks!