No, the Olympics have been great!  But I have made some progress on my Ravelympic project over this past week, and now I’ve decided that it’s too big.  Since I gained 10-15 pounds after finishing residency, I figured I shouldn’t always be making the XS size anymore.  The S size would have given me zero ease, which I thought would work fine for this pattern.  But I just tried it on, and it’s really too big.  Plus, I’ve used an entire skein already, and this is all I have done.


I can’t imagine finishing it with only 4 skeins, as specified in the pattern.

So, a week’s worth of knitting, to be frogged!!  😦  I doubt I’ll be able to finish it before the Olympics are over, but I will restart with the XS size and press on anyway.

As for my little goldfinch family, I haven’t seen them all week.  I think that in the 3 days I was away from the office, the babies learned to fly, and the whole family left!  The nest has been empty.  I wish them the best, and hope they come back to make more babies next year!