Two days ago, it was raining so I didn’t take my camera to work with me, but I witnessed the cutest thing!  I heard some especially energetic chirping, so I looked out and saw one of the baby birds jump out of the nest, flap its wings, and attempt to fly.  It ended up going mostly downwards, but at an angle, so it was able to control its direction a little bit!  Later it ended up sitting on a branch right below my window.  It would have been a perfect shot, but darn it, I didn’t have my camera!  Yesterday, it was out again, but on a branch that was further away and not easy to photograph in focus.  Here’s what I managed.

So cute!

Adorable, no?  So roly poly and cute!  Still somewhat gray and fuzzy, but with some yellow feathers on the chest.

Baby out of the nest!

So far, only one of the babies has been brave enough to leave the nest.  Hopefully I’ll get better pictures this coming week!

Another fun item this week:  I saw these Skechers shoes on Limedragon’s blog and just had to have them, and apparently they’re been all over Ravelry already, so I’m a little late.  🙂  Only $10.50, with free shipping!


I got them in the Smoke color, just like Limedragon, and I ordered size 6.5, up from my usual 6, so there would be extra room.  They show off my CSM socks very nicely.


Today, I went to visit Beth at her store, Broad Brook Books & Stuff, so that she could help me with my sock machine.  On the way there, my car got rear-ended in slow moving traffic near some roadwork.  I was fine, but my first thought was about my sock machine in the trunk!!  It was fine too.  Thankfully the police were already there directing traffic around the site of the roadwork, so it didn’t take too long to file the report, and it shouldn’t be a problem repairing the damage to the car (the rear bumper was dented in).  Anyway, it was all worth it because Beth helped me to get my ribber working!  Turns out that the part that was getting caught on the ribber needle butts is a moving part.  We just had to take out one of the screws that I had been to afraid to mess with, which holds together the “ribber in/out” switch.   She also noted that the knob that adjusts the length of the ribbed stitches seems to be stuck, so I now have it soaking, to see if I can get it to move again. So this is my ribbing (the top part, anyway).  Below the top part is mock rib.


Can’t wait to make a ribbed sock!