The ribber is one of the most difficult parts of the circular sock machine to learn.  I’ve fiddled with it a few times, each time learning a little bit more about how it works.  Finally, I saw this post at Sarah’s blog, and it just clicked for me.  I had fixed the timing so the needles would catch the yarn in the proper sequence, but they weren’t pulling the yarn through the previous loop to make the stitch.  Following her advice, I lowered the ribber dial a few times, until the yarn cleared the latches and made stitches.  It ended up almost touching the cylinder!

Legare CSM ribbing, for the first time!

Here you can see the needles in action.

Legare CSM ribbing, for the first time!

Now my one remaining problem is that the butt end of the needle seems too short, and it gets stuck on the tappet plate as it goes around. I have to push the needle butts out a little bit to clear the part where it gets stuck. I don’t know if getting longer needles will solve this, or if I have to adjust the tappet plate somehow. So far, that part looks pretty immobile to me. But next week I will be going over to see Beth (who has no blog, that is her Ravelry link), who is nearby and was kind enough to offer her help.

So here is the final result.  I somehow managed to drop some stitches when I transferred them back to stockinette stitches and took the ribber off.  I’ll have to figure out how not to do that next time.  The little bow-ties are where the stitches didn’t clear the latch and stayed on the needle to be knit on the next round.  You can see there are fewer of them toward the top of the cylinder, after I had lowered the ribber more and more.

Legare CSM ribbing, for the first time!

It’s so satisfying to make progress like this!

I’d also like to introduce you all to my new little friend, who has been visiting me at my office window for the past couple of weeks.


Isn’t he adorable?  I have a pretty tree outside my window, and this little fellow hangs out there and sings when the weather is nice. Occasionally, he hops over to my window and taps on the glass. Of course, he didn’t do it when I had my camera with me… I don’t know much about birds, so I just Google’d “yellow bird with black wings” and found out that he is an American Goldfinch.  Yesterday I actually saw a similar bird with less vibrant plumage, possibly a female.  If they mate and have little baby birdies outside my window I will be thrilled!