I decided to stop worrying about the sizing and just make a darn pair of socks, partly for practice and partly to get a feel for using real sock yarn on the machine. I got my replacement 54-slot cylinder which looks good and should be usable, but it’s still soaking in Marvel Mystery Oil for cleaning. So this is on the 72-slot cylinder. I used some Opal from my stash.  Here are the two socks and the setup bonnet, separated by waste yarn.


And here is the pair, after Kitchenering the toes.


Unfortunately, too many things distracted me from counting rows, so I tried to wing it by putting my foot up to it and saying, “looks good enough…” So the first sock (on the right) looks big enough for an elf. The second one fits me but is loose, especially around the ankle.


Here is the heel. It went pretty smoothly, except that one time I forgot to make sure the latch was open, so the stitch was dropped.  After cursing and taking off the weights, I managed to pick it back up.


Even though it’s not a wearable pair of socks, I learned a lot about adjusting tension while using real sock yarn to get a nice fabric and to minimize dropped stitches.  I asked Tim to model the socks for me, but he took them off his feet and put them on his hands.


Then he put the setup bonnet on his leg.


My silly boy!