I have been a devoted Yankees fan for a long time, and when I lived in New York I went to many games, including the postseason.  Since moving away I haven’t been back, but with this being the last season before moving to a new stadium, I thought it would be good for Tim to experience the old, historic stadium at least once.  I got tickets to the game on May 3, against the Seattle Mariners.


Despite the overcast, gloomy weather, the atmosphere was festive.


There’s that beautiful field.


Grandpa met us at Yankee Stadium.  (Daddy is not a sports fan and finds baseball incredibly boring.)  He bought Tim this Yankee bear hat.  So cute!


Here you can see the new Yankee Stadium looming.


It was Military Appreciation Day, but due to the overcast sky the scheduled flyover and parachute team demonstration was cancelled.  Here they are, anyway.


Here’s Johnny Damon. I tried to tell Tim, “he’s half-Thai just like you!” But I think he’s too young to understand what that means. Johnny had a great game, with a big upper deck homer and two doubles.


The ever graceful Derek Jeter:


Mike Mussina, who pitched an excellent game.


Tim enjoyed joining the crowd’s cheers of “Moooooose!”


I think Ichiro is pretty cool, but that is the girliest batting stance in all of baseball.


In the end, the Yankees won 6-1.  A very nice ballgame.


I was impressed that Tim managed to stay relatively sane through the whole game. He had fun saying “hi” to all the people around us and high-fiving everyone, though he did see some people drinking beer and asked “can I have apple juice too?”  He wasn’t too happy when we told him there was no juice at Yankee Stadium.  Still, it was lots of fun, and he said he wants to go back!


For extra pictures, see the Flickr set here.