I had a couple of quiet hours during Tim’s nap to work on the Bleeding Hearts Stole today, so I made some nice progress, reaching the transition section where the leaf pattern changes to the bleeding hearts.

Bleeding Hearts Stole progress

I thought I was concentrating pretty well on it, but I somehow made about 3 mistakes in the same row, so I decided to tink back a row and a half to fix them. It took me about half an hour, but turned out fine. Then I noticed this:

Ugh.. a dropped stitch

Ugh!!!  A dropped stitch in the border!  I can fix dropped stitches in stockinette without a problem, but the border is double-sided lace.  Fixing that is beyond my current skill set, so I will have to frog back.  Thankfully, I put in a life line at the start of the transition section, but boy that is painful.  Especially after I spent all that time tinking and fixing mistakes in the main body of the shawl that were going to end up frogged anyway.  Blegh…  😦