I’m just starting the third month in my new job, and I’ve gotten sick again, for the second time. Blegh.. Darn those little kids and their germs!! Just kidding. They’re adorable, and can’t help it if they cough in my face while I’m trying to look in their throats!  So I had a sick day today.

I finally wove in ends of Helen’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I went to sew on the buttons today and decided that the buttons I bought a while back are just too big. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go buy different ones, so it’ll have to wait.  Anyway, here is my fancy i-cord shoulder seam.

BSJ i-cord shoulder seam

Details on how I did it are in my previous post. Here’s a front view.


I am really impressed with this technique! It looks so nice and neat. Here’s a back view of the jacket. I didn’t run the i-cord across the back of the neck because I didn’t want it to be too constrictive for the baby.

Back view of BSJ

I’ll post a picture of the front after I get new buttons and sew them on. 🙂

In the meantime, I cast on for a new project — the Bleeding Hearts Stole from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits.

Bleeding Hearts Stole!

I’m using merino/silk Jasmine from Kris, The Painted Sheep. It is a gorgeous semisolid brown which gives depth without detracting from the complex lace pattern. Mmmm!

Beginning of Bleeding Hearts Stole

More details to follow..