Remember my Fractal Stripe handspun from SakinaNeedles roving? I’m finally getting around to knitting it.

even closer

It’s standard Feather and Fan, 3 repeats over 56 stitches. I thought it would show off the yarn nicely.

Handspun Fractal Stripe Feather and Fan Scarf

One of the two plies has a long color repeat, and the other has progressively shorter repeats, which results in interesting color changes. Unfortunately, as a new spinner, I spun this yarn very tightly and robbed the superwash merino of some of its softness. I hope it gets better with washing.

Also, I’m knitting a new Baby Surprise Jacket for my college friend Helen, who’s expecting a baby boy. She likes cream color, so this is what I’ve come up with.

Helen's Baby Surprise Jacket

It’s Spritely Goods superwash merino in CoffeePot Rock that I got from the Loopy Ewe, striped with some Patons Kroy from my stash. Here’s how the sleeve folds up so far.

The sleeve

Since this sweater will be for an actual baby, I won’t have to worry so much about yardage and sleeve length like I did for Tim’s sweater.  I started off the striping similarly to Tim’s, but the bottom part of the sweater will be different.  I haven’t decided yet how to finish it.  It’s going pretty quickly though, since it’s my second time knitting the pattern.  So clever and fun to knit!