Last week at SnB, a few people showed interest in my knitting bag, and Kris asked me to e-mail her the link to my source, so this is for you, Kris!

I bought the bag from Deb Donnelly Designs on, after browsing tons of different online stores. I liked the way she constructed her bags with multiple pockets and a center yarn opening, with two sets of magnetic closures so the opening can be bigger when I’m feeding yarn through it. But I wanted a bag in pink and brown (sound familiar?) specifically, which she didn’t have. So I found a couple of fabrics I liked at an online fabric store, and she used them to make 3 different bags for me to choose from.

Front view

This is the one I liked best, and she sold the remaining two to other customers. Her communication was great through the whole process, and she was really fast too!

Side view

There are two main compartments, each of which is big enough to accomodate my entire rolled up Boatneck Bluebell sweater,

Inside compartment

and there are four pockets lining the inside walls of the bag, one of which is divided into small vertical slots for needles. I don’t use straight needles, so I’m using one of the slots for my Epipen, and sometimes I stick the ends of my circular needles in there so they don’t go poking anywhere else. Between the two compartments are two dividers which create a slim pocket where I put my wallet type stuff.

Inside and center pockets

At the front of the bag is a pocket big enough for patterns and books,

Front pocket

and the back has a velcro flap pocket big enough for my Denise needle case.

Back pocket

Each side of the bag has an outer pocket where I keep my cell phone and iPod for easy access, and sometimes a drink bottle.

Side pocket

The insides are lined with vinyl, and overall the bag is pretty sturdy. I’ve used it for travel and for work, and it’s holding up great.  I love it!