Here are some pictures from the past weekend. Grandpa bought matching sleepers for the boys, and I couldn’t resist cuddling them together!

Two brown bears

They had a great time together, and it’s really sweet how they truly love each other. Tim is always excited to go to “Baby Andy’s house,” and Andy wakes up in the morning calling “Timmy!”  Look at these dance moves.  Do you think this is future boy band material?

Tim and Andy dancing

Here they were having fun with Auntie Pat’s salad spinner. They had them on their heads like little spacemen.


Today is Chris’s birthday, and unfortunately his sweater is nowhere near done, since he graciously volunteered to have his sweater last in my holiday queue, but I am almost up to the armpits.

Hubby Sweater slow progress

He also likes to choose his own gifts, and orders things like German radio dramas. We celebrated already over the weekend with my sister’s birthday, but we’ll go out to dinner tonight too.

Pam and Chris

Happy Birthday, Hunny! Love you!