So after spinning and knitting the whole 8oz of Dinosaur, and the 8oz of “special brown” superwash merino from Spunky Eclectic, I still ran out of yarn! I even unraveled my swatch and got a few rows out of that. So close to the end too, all I have left is 3 rows! I thought about just leaving it at that, but my sister Pat said that I’d be happier with it if I truly finished it, and she’s right. I still want to lengthen the sleeves too. So Amy is kindly dyeing more fiber for me. Again! I asked for another 8oz which will be plenty, with leftovers for something else, maybe a hat to match.

Dragon Surprise Jacket, not quite finished

Lessons learned: For your first time spinning yarn for a specific project, find a pattern that gives specific gauge, sizing, and yardage! AKA, not the Baby Surprise Jacket. Also, downsizing the Adult Surprise Jacket may have been a better idea than trying to knit a bulky Baby Surprise. But this was definitely fun and quick to knit, so whenever a baby occasion comes up, I’ll be happy to whip up one of these again.