Because of the big snowstorm hitting the Northeast today, we brought Tim home from preschool early. I baked him chocolate cupcakes, and thought we’d have a great time going out to play in the snow, but surprisingly, he didn’t want to go out. Maybe it was because he woke up earlier than usual and was tired, or just didn’t like snowflakes hitting his face. Hopefully he’ll be up for it tomorrow.

So instead, we played inside. One of his favorite toys is a Duplo Thomas the Tank Engine set.

Timmy and Thomas the Tank Engine

He’s coming up with more and more elaborate stories as he plays. He even sings the little theme songs. Here’s a “giant lizard” going “crash” into Thomas.

Giant lizard attack on Thomas

Here’s Thomas carrying a load of crayons…

Cargo of crayons

But oh no! The bridge is out!

The bridge is out!

Crash!  Poor Thomas!

Accidents will happen

I’ve also noticed that it’s a lot more difficult to photograph Tim because he’s always in motion, or as soon as he sees me with the camera he tries to hide!

Silly Tim

My silly little boy..