I’ve reached row 57 of the pattern, and here’s how it looks so far.

The Dragon Surprise Jacket grows

At this point, the sleeves are basically done (except they need lengthening later), and I am turning at the armpit to continue the front and lower body. I put another brown stripe here, will finish up the Dinosaur, and then knit the rest in brown. I’m omitting the “nappy” increases, since Tim is only in diapers for naps and bedtime now. Woohoo!! It’s taken a lot of candy incentives, but he is even pooping in the toilet regularly now. I think it’s been maybe a week since his last poopy diaper. He wants to be a “big boy.” I’m so proud of him!

Sleeve and

Back to the knitting… I’m still not sure if I’ll have enough yarn to finish this, but I will knit on anyway. I have a small skein of Dinosaur left, as well as two skeins of brown. I hope I hope I hope!