My “special brown” yarn was ready for knitting, so I added stripes to my Dinosaur Surprise Jacket. It turns out that I was more successful in spinning it bulky this time, so there is a bit of differential between the brown and the not quite bulky Dinosaur.. Also, I got 215 yards vs the 240 I got before from the 8oz. Oops. I hope I still got enough yardage.

Brown stripes on Dinosaur Surprise Jacket

The more I work on this, the more I fall in love with it and hope that it will fit Tim! At this point, it looks like it will, but I will have to lengthen the sleeves. Here’s a close-up.

Brown stripes close up

In a comment on my last post, Amy of Spunky Eclectic said she didn’t know about being called a hero, so how about fiber genius and very nice person?? 🙂