The additional superwash merino fiber that Amy of Spunky Eclectic dyed for me arrived today! Can you believe it took less than a week?  She titled it cleverly, “special brown.” 🙂

8oz Spunky Eclectic

In my previous post about the Dinosaur Surprise Jacket, I had said I’d stop knitting to wait for a brown stripe, but I did get a little impatient and knitted two more rows. Here it is with the predrafted “special brown” fiber. I think it will go together nicely.

Predrafted roving with the Dinosaur Surprise Jacket

I was so excited I spun up two bobbins of singles today..

Singles on the bobbin

then plied up two skeins of yarn. I think I managed the get the wpi roughly the same.

2-ply sort of bulky weight

They are washed and hanging to dry now. Hopefully they’ll be dry by tomorrow so I can continue knitting!