As soon as my yarn was dry, I wound my Dinosaur handspun into center-pull balls.

Dinosaur wound up for knitting

Here you can see all of the colors.

Handspun Dinosaur!

I swatched it for the Baby Surprise Jacket and got 14 stitches/4″ with 10.5 needles, and a nice fabric. With the smaller needles and all that garter stitch, I would have gotten body armor. Hopefully, it will come out the right size.

Dinosaur swatch

I realize that is a very small swatch, but I felt I had to be stingy with my handspun, and I wanted my cast-on edge to have brownish hues, which came up at that point! I cast on with a size 11 needle using the cable cast-on, which allowed me to pull it snug and neat without worrying that the edge would be too tight. This is what I have after 8 rows. I love the way the colors are blending together.

Baby Surprise Jacket beginning

Here’s a closeup:

Baby Surprise Jacket beginning detail

I’ve already used up a lot of yarn for just this much! I will definitely need more, and Amy of Spunky Eclectic has graciously agreed to dye some more superwash merino fiber for me. It will be predominantly the darker brown, with some of the lighter shade too. I know it will be gorgeous!

After browsing through some of the 1200+ BSJ’s on Ravelry, I decided that I want to have a brown stripe at this point, so this project will be on hold until I get more fiber to spin. Can’t wait!!