I hate freezing rain. Who doesn’t? This morning I slipped on it, and spent about 20 minutes scraping a thick sheet of ice off my car. This person here had the right idea.

One smart person's car, and the pretty tree behind it

I do love the way the trees look, enshrouded in ice, branches drooping. That caused a scare though — on my way back from dropping Tim off at school, there was a gigantic tree that had fallen into the street. Thank goodness there were no cars under it. There was a firetruck, 2 police cars, and a news van there by the time I managed to detour around it so I could get home. I didn’t have my camera there, but I did manage to capture a few more pretty ice pictures. Here are some frozen blades of grass.

Frozen blades of grass

And this is my personal favorite:

Freezing rain can be pretty