After my last post, I got a great suggestion from Necia, who has been giving me a lot of advice and encouragement for my spinning, through blog comments as well as e-mail. Thanks again, Necia! Her suggestion was to use a ball winder, given the limited number of bobbins I have, and to let the singles relax a little before plying. Unfortunately, I was itching to spin and didn’t read my blog comments before finishing up the whole thing yesterday afternoon. So I plied the singles off 2 bobbins, finished spinning what I had left after freeing up a bobbin, then plied the rest. Amazingly, I had only a small portion of one ply left at the end of the 8 oz! Much better than my last 2-ply project, where I had about a 1/3 of a bobbin left to ply with itself!

Only a tiny center-pull ball!

Here’s what I got.  I haven’t soaked it yet, but I’m just impatient to show!

2-ply not-quite-bulky handspun from Spunky Eclectic superwash merino in Dinosaur

  • Spunky Eclectic superwash merino in “Dinosaur”
  • 2-ply, spun worsted
  • 12 wpi (heavy worsted)
  • 8oz, about 240 yards

I don’t know how I was thinking that 8oz would be enough for a 4T-sized sweater, or even an 18-month-sized sweater.  So I e-mailed Amy to see if she has anything to match the brown.  I still think it’ll make a nice Baby Surprise Jacket.