Well, shoot. My goal for this handspun project was to spin a 2-ply bulky weight, and as detailed in my previous post, thought I had a pretty good plan for overcoming the spinner’s “sophomore jinx” of not being able to spin heavier than laceweight. Well, I tried my best, but as I was plying today, I found that there were a lot of spots where I was obviously not paying enough attention. Some of the singles were maybe fingering at best, and the 2-ply came out to about 12 wpi which is heavy worsted. Lots of thick and thin, and I’m sure that I’ll have a lot of one ply left over. Ooops! It’s still nice though, and I’ll see if I can still make a Baby Surprise Jacket with it.  I was thinking that if I run out of yarn, I could buy more roving to spin in a semi-solid of the brown and use it for the rest of the sweater, as contrast.

Plied Dinosaur

Since I have only 4 regular sized bobbins, and I have singles on 3 of them (the tail end of one ply is still unspun), I have to ply, break the yarn, empty the bobbin, ply, break the yarn, empty the bobbin, and have separate skeins, which kind of stinks.  I’ll have to think about the plying head with the jumbo bobbin, or again, maybe a Woolie Winder?  It’s just so much money..  I already blew my Christmas budget on the wheel itself!