We spent Thanksgiving weekend with my sister and her family, along with my mom visiting from Thailand, and my dad from New Jersey. We ate lots of food and had lots of fun. Here’s part of my contribution to dinner:


Tim has an egg allergy, so in addition to my pecan pie (which looked like the usual pecan pie and thus was not photographed), I tried an eggless cupcake recipe which used water and cornstarch in place of eggs. I used Ghirardelli chocolate, mmmmm! The icing and sprinkles were store bought, but a big hit with Tim. The outer parts of the cupcakes turned out a little crunchy, but the insides were nice and moist and tasty. He loved them!

Tim loves cupcakes

Tim also had lots of fun with cousin Andy and Grandpa:

Fun with Grandpa

Diaper box bumper cars:

Diaper box bumper cars

Here’s Tim with Auntie Pat. This is his version of “smiling” for the camera:

Timmy and Auntie Pat

Little Andy Man in his tunnel:

Andy's tunnel

There are lots more cute Andy and Tim photos from Pat’s camera, which are posted on her blog!