I finished spinning my Prairie Thistle superwash merino roving from SakinaNeedles. In my previous post about this, I talked about manipulating the color changes. So I spun half of it using the whole width of the roving for one ply, then a 1/2 width, then a 1/4 width..

SakinaNeedles singles for Fractal Stripe

Then an 1/8 width to get progressively more rapid color changes in the other ply.

Rapid color changes

Unfortunately, I spun the second ply somewhat finer than the first and ended up with this much left when I plied it. Oops!!


So I wound it into a center pull ball and finished it up. It will mess up my Fractal Stripe a little, but hopefully not too much. I was impressed that I managed to fit the whole 4 oz onto one bobbin!

It all fit on the bobbin!

On the niddy noddy:
On the Niddy Noddy

Yarn spaghetti before finishing:
Yarn Spaghetti

Skeined up after soaking and blocking:
My 3rd handspun skein!

A penny for scale:
A penny for scale

Now, what to do with this?