In Spin-Off magazine‘s Summer 2007 issue, there is an article called “The Fractal Stripe” which describes a method for controlling the color in painted roving. I have another beautiful roving from SakinaNeedles in colorway Prairie Thistle. It’s superwash merino.

This is a palindromic color sequence (ABCBAABCBA), which I plan to spin into a 2-ply yarn. I split the roving between the 2 ABCBA sequences and will spin one of the plies as is, then split the rest of the roving along the whole length in order to get shorter color repeats. Plying the two together should create a nice effect. Here it is partly predrafted. Sooooo soft!

Here’s the beginning of the singles on the bobbin. The merino is really nice to spin, and I like that there are undyed spots, which varies the depth of the color. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!