After becoming addicted to spinning on a spindle, I decided to get a wheel. Kristina
was selling her Lendrum DT on Ravelry, and although I’d never spun on any kind of wheel, I had read such good things about the Lendrum wheels that I couldn’t pass hers up. So here it is!!

Handsome, no? Here’s a side view.

As you can see, I got busy right away. It was really easy to set up with instructions right out of the box. I started off doing the “park and draft” on the wheel but as I got more comfortable, it went much faster! I finished up the Spunky Eclectic BFL roving in Mahogany that I was spinning on my spindle, to get a comparison of the feel of the same fiber on the wheel. It was more thick and thin, overspun and underspun than I had achieved on the spindle, but for a first try on the wheel I think it’s pretty decent!

Since I had only one bobbin-full, I used the center-pull ball method of plying. It’s nice to have a ball winder!

Here it is, plied up on the bobbin. As I was spinning the singles, I thought I was waaay overspinning, but as I plied it up, many sections were underspun to the point of singles breaking. So next time I’ll try to add even more twist!

I need to work on filling the bobbin more evenly. Maybe a Woolee Winder some day! Kristina was nice enough to send along a niddy noddy with the wheel.

And here it is skeined up! I’m so happy!!