Final blocking before wearing. Mainly to correct the major stockinette curling of the sides. It worked beautifully!

This was the first project I’ve done which really required seaming. I just used the Peruvia to seam, and despite the fact that it’s a soft single ply, I didn’t have any problems with the yarn breaking or shedding.  The side seams (above) were mattress stitch, and the armhole seams (below) were a combination of vertical to horizontal weaving and mattress stitch. I am really proud of them!

Here’s another view of my mattress stitch below. Edith (our au pair) commented that the garment looked cute as a vest and said I should just stop there! But my butt gets cold, so I continued on..

Blocking front and back pieces prior to seaming. I used my handy-dandy blocking wires and some interlocking foam rubber tiles as my board.

Here are the sleeves, knit both at once on a long circular. Much better than having to seam them! I made them an inch longer than recommended in the pattern.

Gauge swatch for the Tilted Duster. Interestingly, I had to go down two needle sizes to an 8 to get gauge. Usually, I’m a tight knitter and have to go up!