Okay, I haven’t finished my first Trekking XXL sock yet, but I’ve got about 6″ of the leg done. I haven’t decided how long I want it to be. That would be a whole lot easier if I had 2 separate skeins of yarn, one for each sock, or a scale that could tell me how close I am to half of the Trekking yarn. Oh well! Anyway, my camera battery has lost its ability to hold a charge, so I have no new sock pictures. Sorry!

Instead, here’s a Timmy picture, looking much larger than a 2-year-old boy, as usual. I tried out the height predictor at (which takes into account current age, height, weight, and mommy/daddy height), and it said he will be 6’3″ with 96% chance he’ll be within 3 inches of that, meaning that he’ll be no shorter than 6’0″! If he takes after his dad’s side of the family, he’ll be large-framed too. A friend of mine keeps telling me he’ll become a great football player and make lots of money to take care of me in my old age, but I’ve seen enough football injuries in the Emergency Department, and in Radiology! I hope he takes after me and his dad and goes into music, then makes his fortune to take care of us in our old age that way instead.  🙂